When you’ve fallen on hard times and your dream is to own a home, bad credit—or even no credit at all—can certainly seem like a deal breaker. But there’s more than one way to realize a dream, and that’s what SWE Homes is all about.

SWE Homes may be a particularly good choice for those who have limited credit, no credit, or even a bankruptcy. If you’re in Georgia or Texas, and if you’re looking for homes for sale, you don't have to settle for less. SWE offers owner-financed homes for sale, which means that your credit score is not a factor with your purchase. The company understands that poor credit doesn't mean poor character, so their goal is simply to provide alternate routes of property ownership for their buyers.

In fact, many people don’t realize that it’s sometimes easier to acquire property without going the route of traditional mortgage financing. SWE’s pre-approval process is quick and easy; and they offer a layaway program, which makes it easy for potential homeowners to take care of down payments without endless waiting games and loopholes to jump through. SWE is all about second chances—and about giving you the opportunity to have a home you'll be able to call yours for generations to come. Whether you’re looking for a traditional dwelling, a town home, or another kind of residential property, SWE can help. In other words, as long as you have a record of steady employment and a stable rental history, this can be the jump-start to your dream of owning a home.

The bottom line is that bad or no credit and home-ownership are not incompatible. You and your family deserve the same opportunities as anyone else does. SWE Homes is dedicated to that philosophy, and inquiries are free on their website, so don’t hesitate to click—or to call (713) 413-1000 for more information—today.