Rent Free Contest- Win a Home for 6 Months

We want to get as many Houstonians displaced by the recent hurricane as possible into good housing. SWE Homes is having a drawing to win a home rent free for 6 months. Apply now!

SWE HOMES, LP, the manager of a large portfolio of affordable homes in the greater Houston area, announces a plan to make available to qualified individuals and families in Houston for immediate occupancy for a period of six (6) months at no charge or rent.

SWE HOMES, LP has provided affordable housing solutions to thousands of Houstonians of limited means for 30 years and remains committed to its role as a major home renovator, leasing agent and seller of modestly priced homes and rental property throughout Houston.

Accordingly, we want to get as many Houstonians displaced by the recent hurricane as possible into good housing and afford them an opportunity either to lease or acquire those properties at the expiration of the six-month period of free occupancy.

Towards this end, Houstonians interested in this opportunity must meet certain criteria listed below:

  • Must be eighteen (18) years of age or older;
  • Must have been employed full time for a minimum of one (1) year and verify such employment;
  • Must verify a minimum total household income of not less than Three Thousand Dollars ($3,500.00) per month;
  • Much have been displaced in the recent Hurricane Harvey flooding and must provide proof of such displacement;
  • Must pass a background check showing no prior felony criminal record;
  • Must agree to allow SWE Homes to use their likeness and story for online and other publications and all entries must allow SWE Homes to use information provided by them for future marketing by SWE Homes to them;
  • Only one entry per household is permitted.
  • No Evictions in the past 4 years
  • Winner is responsible to obtain all utilities and pay for any and all cost including any required deposits and monthly service charges.
  • Those who qualify will be selected in a drawing if the number of applicants exceeds the number of home available, must agree to sign and adhere to the terms of a six-month lease agreement but all rent will be abated during that six-month period.

    During their period of occupancy, SWE Homes, LP will also provide information to those persons selected introducing them to a selection of homes owned by SWE Homes, LP and its affiliates available for longer term lease or purchase in order to assist displaced Houstonians in getting back into stable housing, either leased or owned.

    If you are interested in qualifying for one of these residential opportunities, please contact Dolores Mares Senior Operations Manager SWE Homes, LP at [email protected]

    All inquiries will be provided with a detailed qualification questionnaire and other information about homes available for lease or purchase.


Disclaimer: Nothing in this document shall be construed or interpreted to constitute an offer on the part of SWE Homes, LP to provide accommodation to any particular person or group of persons and all undertakings by SWE Homes, LP described herein or pursuant hereto shall be on a best efforts basis without representation, warranty or suitability for any purpose other than habitation. SWE Homes, LP does not intend to and hereby disclaims any representation that it will select, approve, qualify or provide accommodation to any person or persons simply by virtue of the fact that they submit information to SWE Homes, LP in response to this announcement or otherwise. SWE Homes, LP reserves the right to confirm the qualification, verify compliance of any individual with the criteria contained herein and to conduct the process of selecting persons to whom free accommodation may hereafter be offered on any reasonable basis, including a random drawing from among persons who possess or satisfy the criteria announced herein. Any and all warranties or representations regarding the property or properties later occupied by persons selected as contemplated herein shall arise solely by virtue of express warranties or representations contained in the lease agreement entered into between SWE Homes, LP or any of its affiliates and such persons and shall be subject to any disclaimers contained therein but shall be subject to requirements of applicable law. Reasonable attempts will be made by SWE Homes, LP to offer suitable accommodations to those persons selected dependent upon the size of their families and number of dependents who may contemplate occupying such residences with the applicant. If and to the extent anything contained in this announcement shall or may be construed as an offer, such offer may be retracted by SWE Homes, LP or any of its affiliates prior to the execution of the written lease agreement with any qualifying applicant. SWE Homes, LP agrees to conduct the qualification and evaluation process in a non-discriminatory manner without regard to race, gender, religious affiliation, sexual preference, political affiliation or physical capabilities or handicaps.