We Buy Real Estate Notes!

In over 30 years of experience, we have purchased hundreds of non-performing and sub-performing real estate notes. Working with us means obtaining a quality buyer with unparalleled experience and knowledge of the real estate market so that you can rest assured we can get the deal done! Our acquisitions department strives to provide an exceptional experience while maintaining all information confidential. We close all of our acquisitions expeditiously.

We build long term relationships. We have numerous references available upon request. For us, it’s never about one deal; we believe that building long term relationships is the key to our success.

Acquistion Highlights: 

-Purchased a commercial loan with 28 pieces of collateral including several single-family homes, a hotel, a funeral home, and a strip shopping center. This was a complex transaction borrower was very politically connected, the lender partially motivated to sell due to reputation issues, and the condition of the collateral. Contract closed in 7 days.

-Acquired a commercial loan secured by 3 rental homes, another commercial loan secured by 2 rental homes and a contract for deed. Borrower is an attorney with various legal issues. Dealt with complex title situations. Contracts closed in 7 days each.

-Purchased a commercial loan secured by law office, church, and 3 single family homes. The loans were originated by a Hard Money Lender. The lender was under pressure from his banks to sell the sub-performing notes. Banker referred the Hard Money Lender to us. Contract closed in 3 days.

-Acquired 6 consumer loans secured by low end single family residences. Contract closed in 5 days.

-Purchased a commercial loan secured by an office warehouse that had previously been involved in a fire. The transaction had numerous legal issues including a complex bankruptcy situation. Contract closed in 5 days.

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