First Time Home Buyer Advice, From The Owner Financing Specialists at SWE Homes

When you’re looking for a new place to call home, there are numerous routes to take. And while all roads lead to Rome, SWE Homes has some advice that may just give you a less bumpy ride. SWE Homes, LP, has homes for sale with owner financing in their inventory, and they’ve helped countless Texas and Georgia residents with poor or no credit purchase their home. So, when you’re looking for a great deal for your first home, give them a call. But if you’ve just begun your search, here’s their list of first-time buyer's advice you don't want to miss. Their top first-time home buyer advice starts with:

Getting Specific: Chances are you already have an idea of what you want, so write it down and fill in your details. Keep in mind that hardly anyone finds exactly what they want, but making this list will help you decide what’s really important to you. Hitting six out of seven on your list may just be achievable!

Thinking About Your Finances: Cost is obviously a big factor when purchasing a home. Start by looking at your take-home pay and adding up monthly expenses. Don't forget to factor in a little cushion for emergencies.

Looking Thoroughly: As with anything, research potential homes, areas and prices before you go out and look. After researching, get out and look around with your trusty agent and even do some follow-up driving around the neighborhood. If you find something perfect, however, you aren’t going to want to wait too long.

Listening to The Home Inspector: Hiring a home inspector is an important part of the home buying process, and it's something you should definitely leave to the professionals. They can assess the structural integrity of the home, as well as check the plumbing, electrical work, and heating and cooling systems. With an inspector's examination, you can budget accordingly if any repairs are needed.

Budgeting For Maintenance: If you’re lucky enough to find your perfect homestead, make sure you start saving for a maintenance budget. Every home, no matter how new, is going to need consistent repairs, and having this will make sure your investment remains secure.

Follow this advice and the folks at SWE Homes think you’ll be a very happy, and proud, owner of a new home. For questions about sales and their no credit home inventory, call (713) 413-1000 and visit them online to learn more.

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