Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Safety Tips

SWE Customers:

If you have any insurance issues, please call Maria at 713-231-1170
To report issues with your SWE Homes rental property, please call 713-231-1132

Here are some helpful tips to insure the safety of you and your family Before the storm:

• Pay attention to local weather reports on radio, television, or the internet.
• Have plenty of food and water.
• Make sure all your tools, supplies, and first aid kit available for use. During the storm:
• Stay in a secure room.
• Stay away from windows.
• Do not use the phone, or candles.
• Monitor Weather and Civil Service Bulletins on either regular or NOAA radio.
• Have supplies on hand.

After the storm:
• Make sure that all is definitely clear outside, and the storm has completely passed before going out.
• Report downed power lines, and stay away from them.
• Use stored water and food.
• Be patient. Things will take a while before they get back to normal.

Here are some helpful links to monitor the conditions of your area:

Harris County Flood Warning System

National Hurricane Center:

SWE Homes hopes that all of our customers and their families stay safe and dry throughout the storm.

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