The Professionals at SWE Homes Share Ways to Maintain Your Home's Value Over The Winter


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SWE Homes specializes in assisting with homes for sale by owner, as well as owner financing homes for sale in Houston, TX. Over the years, they have seen many property owners fall victim to high repair bills in the spring due to a lack of attention in the fall. Their experienced team suggests these property maintenance tips to keep your home in sale-ready shape throughout the winter months:

  • Turn Down The Thermostat: Set your thermostat to a level that will keep the indoor temperature just above freezing, but also warm enough to keep carpets, curtains, and wood from getting damp. If your home is located in a warm and humid area, make sure you also have a working humidity detector so the inside of your home stays reasonably dry as temperatures outside fluctuate.
  • Unplug All Of Your Appliances: If you haven’t cut power to the house entirely, unplug microwaves, TVs, lamps, etc. to cut down on fire risks from squirrels, raccoons, and other animals that may munch on wires if they take up residence in your home over the winter.
  • Cut The Gas: Many experts recommend shutting off gas-based water heaters entirely if no one will be occupying the house for months.
  • Protect Your Lawn And Garden: If you can’t come by to do it personally, arrange to have someone mow the lawn and trim the shrubbery until frost halts plant growth. Make sure to cover any plants that can’t withstand a hard freeze, and also have a plan to keep your plants watered at intervals.
  • Turn Off Water At The Source: If you don’t completely shut off the water at its main supply point, you run the risk of water freezing in the pipes in winter, which could lead to a pipe bursting down the line — and big repair bills.

For more tips, assistance with your own sale, or to buy a house with no credit check, call SWE Homes at (713) 413-1000.

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