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As we reflect on the damage Hurricane Harvey caused the city of Houston and the state of Texas one year ago, the SWE Homes family would like to give thanks to our first responders and everyday citizens who stepped out to help those in need during the treacherous times. They gave our city hope and inspired us to unite as one and take the first step in rebuilding our home.

The SWE Homes family was fortunate enough to be able to assist

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Throwing a party can be pretty stressful, especially a 4th of July one! You want everything to be perfect, so we put together tips to help make the process to go smoothly.

1. Go hard or go home! Decorations. What is great about this holiday is how simple it is going to be to decorate! You don’t need to worry about color scheme because the holiday itself is RED, WHITE AND BLUE! You don’t have

February 8, 2018 | By: [email protected]
SWE Homes Tip of the Week - Painting

Get out your brushes, It's Painting Time!

Nothing makes your house feel more like a home than giving it your own personal touch. 

Painting your SWE Home can be a fun weekend project for you, and your family. 

Here’s 6 quick tips to help you spice up your SWE Home.

1. Buy brushes of all sizes for different areas of the walls, roller covers, Plastic sheeting to protect your floors, painting tape, and paint pans.




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